Get Unlimited High Speed Internet in Rural Areas

How challenging is it to access Unlimited high-speed internet in your off-grid property? It’s no secret, getting Unlimited high-speed internet in rural areas is now a necessity. Therefore, do not let poor internet speeds to limit your amazing off-grid and cabin life.

Unlimited high speed internet in rural areas
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To some, living off grid looks like doing away with unlimited internet, unlimited home heating, unlimited fresh water, unlimited power source.

However, I decided to build it all from scratch. So far, I have installed a solar system, paved the driveway using rock, cut down trees for lumber, installed a septic system, winterized the cabin, and now onto unlimited high speed internet!

What unlimited internet options do I have?

We have a few options on getting Unlimited high speed internet in your off grid property and cabin. But, can you get a permanent and reliable solution?

Well, if you need a quick answer to the question on unlimited internet options available, then you should check the wireless 3g/4g signal amplifier on amazon for fast and reliable internet connection.

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However, the wireless 3g/4g signal amplified will only be effective if you have signal to your cell phone.

Therefore, if you have no signal to your phone in your cabin, then read on for other available internet options.

In this article, I will discuss the options on how you can get unlimited high speed internet options in rural areas and off-grid property.

Option 1. 3G or 4G Wireless signal amplifier – The best option   

Wireless signal amplifier or phone repeaters are the all-carrier supported devices which will boost your cellular signals, either 2G signals, 3G signals, or 4G LTE.

So, will the wireless signal amplifier help you?

Well, if your off-grid property has weak cell phone signal, then the wireless signal amplifier can help you produce better internet coverage, faster data and internet and superior on net talk.

The wireless 3G or 4G signal amplifier is a reliable and simple option. However, the amplifier will only work when you have some signal on your cell phone.

Now, here’s is how the signal amplifier works:

– An outside antenna (comes with the signal amplifier) will pull the weak cell phone signal in the off-grid property.

– An amplifier will enhance the weak cell phone signal by about over 32 times.

Therefore, if your outside cell phone signal is -50 dB to -89 dB, the cell amplifier will boost to an excellent signal.

– Your inside Antenna will finally rebroadcasts the enhanced signal for you in the cabin.

However, if your outside cell phone signal is about -115 dB to -120 dB, then the amplifier will be less effective unless you use the pro-grade model.

But, how do you check the strength of the cell phone signal?

As noted above, the cell phone signal booster will only be effective in your cabin if you have adequately functioning outside signal.

However, how much functioning outside signal is enough? I know most of us would immediately check the number of cell phone signal bars.

But this is wrong! The Cell phone Signal bars will only show the general signal range. This is the reason why two phone brands on the same network carriers could display different number of signal bars. For example, 1 bar on AT&T and 3 bars on Verizon can have different signal strengths.

However, the right way is by determining cell phone signal reaching your cell phone from the nearest cell tower, which is computed in decibel-milliwatts (dBm). Notably, a decibels is an electrical power unit that is popular as 1 milliwatt (mW).

Next Step!

We jump onto measuring the decibel-milliwatts (dBm) value on you cell phone!

Follow the steps below to determine the cell-phone signal (dBm) strength for both Android and iPhone users.


You smartphones’ dBm reading will be more accurate than reading the number of signal bars.

However, a professional signal meters such as the SureCall Signal Meter on Amazon is better as it will produce a dBm reading that is +20 dBm more than the smartphone reading. Therefore, to get an accurate reading, add +20 dBm to the smartphone dBm reading.

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Now, let’s learn how to measure the dBm!

1. Signal Strength for Android Smartphones

Notably, various android smartphones will show you different dBm menu screens.

However, follow this general procedure to determine the dBm value of the cell signal in your Android.

Go to phone menu “settings”, then to “About Phone” and finally to “Status (or Network)” where you will find the dBm menu screen showing the Signal Strength.

Alternatively (on other android devices)

Go to phone menu “settings”, then to “settings or More Options”. After this, go to “About Phone” and finally to “Mobile Networks” where you will see the Signal Strength.

As noted above, to get accurate dBm value, take the reading you get on your android phone and add +20 dBm.

2. Signal Strength for IPhone Devices

This process is reversible and you won’t need jailbreaking. However, this method will not work on iOS 11 or phones using Intel modems such as iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

For iOS 9 iPhone users, follow the outlined steps:

  • Step 1: Go into iPhone app or Phone Mode.
  • Step 2: Dial “*3001#12345#*” (all that is inside the brackets) and press call. This takes you to the Field Test mode. At this point you can check the dBm value on the screen’s upper left hand corner.
  • In this mode, you can easily tap the signal strength number and bars to switch between the two.
  • After reading the dBm value, you can now hit the home button and exit the Field Test mode.
  • However, to make the signal strength “number”, as opposed to signal bars, permamnt, then follow the next steps. But this is reversible.
  • Step 3: Hold the iPhone power button for five to seven seconds until the “slide to power off” screen appears. But don’t hit the power off button or slide.
  • However, hold your iPhones’ home button for another five to seven seconds to close the phone app and go back to the home screen.

Note: OSX Daily states that a dBm value that is near zero denotes a stronger cell phone signal strength.

For earlier iOS versions iPhone, follow the outlined steps:

  • Navigate to “Settings” and “Cellular”
  • Switch of LTE
  • Dial and call *3001#12345#*
  • Finally, the dBm reading will show (a negative number)

To go back to the signal bars:

Step 1: Enter the phone mode and dial and call *3001#12345#*

Step 2: Now, hit the Home Button and that’s it.

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Here’s a video on how to determine the dB Signal Strength On iPhone

But, what does the dBm value mean?

The dBm value will be a negative number, but if it is positive, consider it a negative value of the number you read on the dBm screen. The dBm value will range from -30 dBm to -120 dBm.

Weak Signal -ve 110 dBm

A negative value near zero denotes that the signal is strong.

Therefore, you’ll need to go around your off-grid property and find a location with strong cell phone signal (using the test outline above).

Upon noting a favourable signal position (must be greater than -ve 110 dBm), you’ll require to fix the antennae there and point it to the closest cell tower.

If you cannot visually locate the nearest cell tower, then you can use the website

However, if the dBm is smaller than -ve 110 dBm, then consider the signal too weak.

In this case, the cell signal booster will net be helpful in amplifying your sell phone signal outside the cabin, unles you purchase the pro-grade signal booster.

What I like about using a 3g or 4g signal booster

The benefits of the Cell Signal Booster include: Reliable connection, it is Cheap and affordable, and is simple to set up and use.

– Reliable connection. Notably, the cell phone network providers are established companies that have top technology that will give you reliable data and cell signals. Therefore, you’ll easily amplify the cell signal and get reliable internet connection for your off-grid property.

Cheap and affordable. If you are on a small budget finding the best off-grid internet plan, then the cell booster and the 3g or 4g will be the best alternative.

Interestingly, the cell booster costs anything below $850 upfront. Therefore, you’ll only require to pay the monthly data usage plan.

Simple to set up and use. The signal booster will require just only your normal iPhone or android device to achieve the 3g/4g internet signal connection.

Further, if the signal connection is good, you can turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect your other devices.

Best signal boosters for cell phones you can purchase?

1. The weBoost Connect 4G-X Booster 32x Booster on Amazon is our top pick for its cross-network support and will boost very weak signal ((-100 dBm).

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The weBoost booster will amplify the 4G LTE and 3G signals up to 32 times in a building maximum of about 7,500 square feet. The area of coverage will be adequate to cover your cabin.

Therefore, you will experience lesser dropped calls, better internet connection and an extended cell phone battery life.

The weBoost booster supports all network in the United States. Further, it will support all your cellular devices including Notebooks, Data Cards, Tablets, Smartphones, and iPhones.

Also, the booster is optimized for video and audio streaming and thus you will experience seamless entertainment. Finally, the booster is plug and play as you’ll only require to install an antennae and plug the coax cable to your receiver.

However, to operate the weBoost booster you’ll require a stable power source such as this WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Kit on Amazon that comes with a 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery.

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2. SolidRF BuildingForce 4G-X Booster

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The SolidRF BuildingForce 4G-X Booster will boost your 3G, 4G, LTE, and Data signal. Further, you’ll find the booster easy to use since all the hardware are included. Its LED console display will show the level of signals.

SolidRF BuildingForce will help you connect about 25 devices in about 9000 square feet, with connection with Canada and US network carriers.

It will produce consistent data speeds and more stable cell signal. Therefore, you’ll get better internet connection with enhanced download speeds.

Are there great Vehicle cell phone signal boosters?

Vehicle signal boosters will function just like your regular cabin or off grid cell phone boosters.

However, the car cell signal booster will come with omni-directional antenna such as the weBoost Drive Sleek on Amazon that you can install on top of the vehicle.

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The booster is easy to install and will amplify your cell phone signal to about 32 times.

Further, there are other cradle-type amplifiers such as the HiBoost Travel 4G Booster that will effectively in your truck and car.

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Now, enough of the Wireless signal amplifier. Let’s continue with the other internet options available for you in the off-gird areas.

Option 2. Satellite Internet for off grid property

Well, you released that you off grid property has weak internet connection. Therefore, satellite internet should be your next bet for Unlimited high speed internet in rural areas.

Satellite Internet operates just like the satellite TV, where a satellite positioned in orbit will allow the satellite dish installed on your house roof top to a revolving satellite. However, you must not obstruct the southward sky view should not be unobstructed.

To get stable satellite internet connection, you’ll need a stable power source such as WindyNation Solar on Amazon and a clear sky.


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However, if you care about the power supply, you should not that the satellite modems need to be switched off avoid continuous power consumption.

Notably, big internet companies such as Exede, Dish, WildBlue and HughesNet have now invested heavily to provide cheap and faster internet connection.


Company consolidations have seen key satellite internet provides mergers to form Exede and HughesNet.

HughesNet Gen4 and HughesNet Gen5

Therefore, satellite internet speeds have improved in the last couple of months. Lately, HughesNet installed the innovative HughesNet Gen4 and EchoStar XVII Satellite technology to give you more speed and freedom in internet connectivity. Check the HughesNet internet plans in your area here (Enter the Address, city and Zip Code).

HughesNet Gen4 allows about 15Mbps download speeds, which is almost what most DSL and cable providers offer. Further, with the HughesNet Gen5 you can now achieve about 25 Mbps speeds.

With HughesNet Gen4, you can now choose between the different internet plans such as Max or Pro plans designed for ardent internet users that would allow video streaming and working at home.

Also, if you an occasional internet user, you can select the cheaper internet plans such as Prime and Choice. HughesNet has a $49.99 monthly basic plan.

Interestingly, EchoStar XVII has enabled HughesNet to expand its satelite internet provision to many places, including the rural areas.

Exede satellite internet

Formally known as Exede, Viasat Internet is a popular internet option suitable for the rural areas. Viasat provides fast and reliable internet at the supported areas.

Check the exede service plans in your area here (you’ll need to enter your off grid property ZIP Code). However, Viasat has a $49.99 monthly basic plan.

Analysis: Exede vs HughesNet Satellite internet

Beyond the basic plan that they both price at $49.99 per month. HughesNet has a more simplified pricing model as it has a location independent plan all over the US.

For example, for $99.99 monthly HughesNet offers its clients 50 GB monthly data regardless of your location in the county.

So, do you think is good for you?

Make a choice between Exede and HughesNet, depending on your needs. However, note that the satellite internet companies will charge you for early termination.

So, how I would recommend that you consider the weBoost Connect 4G-X Booster 32x Booster on Amazon as it will give you equally competitive internet speeds and will not charge any early termination fees.

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Further, for the $99.99 monthly fee you will pay to the satellite company, you will; only take 11 months to purchase the weBoost Connect booster.

Well, I am not imposing anything on you, just consider my humble economics analysis.

What about the RV Satellite?

If you are one people who like moving around with your trailer or RV, then the RV Satellite system would be an excellent internet solution for you that you can take to any remote corner of the country: either in the mountains or desert.

Through the tripod-mounted or tripod satellite dish, an internet signal will be beamed to the modem in the RV.

But, before purchasing the RV Internet satellite, here is what you should consider: will you mount the satellite dish on a tripod or on the RV roof?

You should know that the roof-mounted satellite is both big and costly. However, it is easy to set up and convenient to use. However, you can contact Mobile Satellite Technologies Company for the installation of the roof-mounted satellite and service provider recommendation.

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