Top 15 Most influential homesteader Twitter Accounts you need to follow

Most Influential Homesteader Twitter Accounts

Most Influential Homesteader Twitter Accounts are growing by the day as more people become homesteaders. However, homesteading is not adequately represented in the top 100 most influential people or organizations on Twitter, but several accounts command a significant following. Despite the homesteading movement going off the grid in most respects, they still control a strong online presence.

15 Most Influential Homesteader Twitter Accounts to Follow

You may be wondering who give the homesteading buzz to homesteading twitter followers. You are in the right space and I this article we will be giving you the fifteen most-followed homesteading twitter influencers. Read on to understand more.

1. Homesteading @HomesteadingUSAThis Twitter page is a one-stop-shop for homesteading, craftsmanship, and sustainability information. With a following of 4221, this page sets itself apart as a credible source of information for homesteading enthusiasts. This Twitter account strives to assist people with different experience levels to adopt measures geared towards achieving healthier, happier, and more holistic lifestyles by proposing a more natural and thoughtful approach to active living. Whether this entails living completely off-grid or embodying the DIY skills to extract essentials oil, every step goes a long way in making a difference.

Most Influential Homesteader Twitter Accounts

2.Homesteading Guide @Homesteadings

Homesteading Guide design helps you all the answers you need on how to live a simple life, how to be sustainable, self-sufficient, and go green. This Twitter page gives access to all the resources you need to learn the art of frugal living, including the benefits of homesteading and how to survive off-grid in an increasingly grid-dependent world. What’s more? This page also posts tweets on how to survive simple living from day 1. This page offers crucial information on achieving a sense of satisfaction in your homesteading activities and the benefits that come with it. Besides, the Homesteading Daily series of tweets provides regular updates on different off-grid DIY events.

3. Homesteading Hippy @homesteadhippy

Founded in 2006, this page posts about different forms of DIY gardening geared at achieving self-sufficiency, including rearing chickens, rabbits, and crop gardening. Over the years, this homesteader has learned how to read more and try different activities, which he posts regularly to his 4923 followers seeking to achieve various levels of self-sufficiency. The main goal of this homesteader page is to encourage beginners to get started just where they are and get going with what is available to them. 

4.DaNelle Wolford@WeedemandReap 

Founded in 2008, this homesteader Twitter account tweets about sustainable urban farming, natural foods and remedies, and gardening activities. The most inspiring thing about this account is that the owner developed an interest in homesteading after suffering from undergoing a chronic illness, which forced her to start a garden of her own. This is the page to follow if you are considering leading a farm life in the city. This page offers farm-fresh inspiration and homesteading ideas to home cooks, gardeners, and farmers looking to get hands-on. The page mostly tweets about easy gardening, practical farming, natural health, and home living. 

5.Homestead Rescue @HomesteadRescue

This account caters to millions of Americans, who have in the last decade, attempted to shift from civilized life in favor of living off the grid. The report, which is specifically suited for the millions of struggling homesteaders across America is moderated by Marty Raney, an expert homesteader who, together with his son and daughter, teach their followers how to survive off-grid. 

6.The Homestead Survival @HomesteadSurviv

This page tweets about homesteading, emergency preparedness, and self-sufficiency. This is the page to follow if you are looking for tips on homesteading, survival, self-reliance, gardening, emergency preparedness, and natural herbal remedies. With a following of 5.2K, this page makes at least one post per day.

7.Homestead Bloggers Network @HomesteadBlogs

This page consists of the best bloggers who post on self-sufficiency, frugal lifestyle, gardening, intentional living, and other homesteading topics. One of the unique aspects of this account is that each blogger agrees to conform to various ethical guidelines. This points to the authenticity, reliability, and professionalism of the page.


8.Homestead Honey @Homestead4Honey

This Twitter page is a radical homesteading blog on off-grid and straightforward and sustainable living. Additionally, Homestead Honey also tweets about women’s coaching programs. The tweets on the page are mostly about educating, inspiring, and connecting with individuals seeking to take a giant step in a simple and sustainable life for their families. Although they command a following of 70.6K followers, this page posts at a frequency of one tweet per month.

9.Sarah White @MindfullyFrugal

On this page, you will find simple living ideas on different topics such as homestead living, canning recipes, and gardening tips, among others. You also learn how to make recipes from scratch on this page. This is a current page that makes at least five posts a week to its 23,700 followers. 


10.Modern homestead @modhomesteadwv

This page is managed by a homesteading enthusiast who tweets about creating a thriving homestead in the middle of the city. In addition, you will find posts on how to deal with the pros and cons of the modern homesteading lifestyle. Posts are made at a frequency of 2 tweets per week. 


11.The Fewell Homestead @AmyFewell

With a Twitter following of 896, this writer/blogger/photographer is a homemaker who tweets from the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia. Together with her family, they are committed to a simple lifestyle in their garden, where they lead a holistic lifestyle. She tweets at a frequency of four posts per week.


12.Homestead wishing 14.1K followers @HomesteadWish 

This is the page to follow if you are a beginning homesteader looking to embark on the homesteading journey from scratch. You will find posts on everything, from homeschooling to gardening to survival posts. 

13.Unexplained underfoot object 2306 followers @WTAbernathy

This Twitter page features the everyday homesteader living perspective from eye witness accounts on gardening tips, kitchen practices, and stay at home dad perspectives.


14.Hip Chick Digs @hipchickdigs

This twitter page follows the experiences of an urban homesteader who tends to a backyard yard plant greens and preserves them during harvest. Despite commanding a following of 1100 followers, they only post once a quarter (1 post).


15.The Tattooed Homestead @tattooedhomestd

This twitter account follows the adventures of two former techno-geek enthusiasts who escaped from the intricate city life and converted a 5-acre land into an off-grid homestead, from where they learn and tweet about frugal living. 



Now that you have our list, you need not to worry about getting information like how to get homestead land. Following the influencers gives you a platform of commenting on issues affecting the homesteading industry and also knowing the trends in homesteading. You will also become more financially aware in your spending to enhance your homesteading success.


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