Outdoor Solar Lighting System – Cabin & Off Grid

It’s all nice and fun in your off-grid property until darkness runs in.

Sure, I can use my phone light or small flight light when I am inside the cabin but you need an Outdoor Solar Lighting System.

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Bright outdoor solar lighting can be a real lifesaver when you need to move around your property at night.

Also, outdoor lights act as excellent beauty additions to your yard. The outdoor lights can help add a soft touch to your off-grid property and create a romantic and mystery space.

However, undertaking a quick Google search on the “best outdoor solar lighting” will give unlimited and confusing options that will make it challenging to choose the solar outdoor lights.

Learn from my experience in choosing the best outdoor solar lights available and how to set them up for best lighting in your off-grid property.

 Outdoor Solar Lighting System installation tips

Your outdoor solar installation will not need major wiring.

But you’ll need to factors like sunlight, obstacles, and installation site to achieve the best outdoor lighting for your off-grid and cabin property.

Tip 1: Avoid lighting obstacles

How would you love that all you can see on your path is an object shadow as opposed to a clearly illuminated way?

If you are like me, you must hate seeing shadows on your pathways at night! Therefore, I always ensure that the solar light will not be obstructed by objects such as buildings or trees.

Also, it will be helpful to ensure that the lighting is not one the path of appliances like lawn mowers or too near to the driveway to prevent tripping accidents.

Tip 2: Consider Property features

The first question to consider: why are you installing the Outdoor Solar Lighting System? Is it for aesthetics or maybe to shine a light on a path or a structure?

Well, ensure to locate the lighting near the place where it will best illuminate your property feature.

For example, if you need to light a path to the outdoor shower enclosure, then the solar lighting installation should be near the path and wind with it naturally.

However, if you need to illuminate some feature in your yard, then place the solar installation in a place that it will easily focus the light and show off your desired object.

Tip 3: Direct sunlight Pathway

Forget the aesthetics in installing lighting for a minute, your solar lighting is powered by solar and thus you must install the solar Panel at a location where it will get direct sunlight rays during the day.

Therefore, avoid locations that will produce direct shade to the Solar Panel. This will guarantee that you get adequate power to light your off-grid property adequately during the night.

Further, if you’ll require cabling to the light bulb from the solar panel ensure to protect the wires from moisture and rainfall. You can place the wires inside a plastic pipe and bury it in an underground trench (about 6 inches).

Tip 4: Charging Pro tip

Ensure that you charge lighting kit before about 12 hours before use to guarantee maximum efficiency with your batteries. Also, clean the solar lighting panel for best operation.

Which locations should you prioritize for lighting?

The solar lighting should easily light the places you frequently mostly at night and the locations you might want to have a quick peek when you are outside your cabin.

Therefore, cluster the areas you might need to visit at night and light such facilities and the paths that lead to them.

Well, I have outlined below some of the areas I consider most important to Outdoor Solar Lighting System in my off-grid property.

Location 1: Around Your Cabin

Nothing feels great like knowing that all your cabin surrounding is all laminated and you can simply peek out to see any intruders or enjoy the scenic view.

How would it feel to step out of your house, after hearing some noise, but you cannot have a full view of your cabin surrounding?

What if someone is hiding near your cabin? Outdoor Solar Lighting System around your cabin is a critical addition that will distract any intruders an also give you the peace of mind that you are safe and can see any activities near the structure.

2. The path to your outdoor shower

Sometimes the nights are too and you need to take a quick bath in your outdoor shower enclosure.

I am sure do not want to misstep in the dark as you find the path to the shower enclosure or even hit the door frame as you try to go or move out of the room.

You’ll only need to appropriately light the area surround the shower enclosure and the path leading to it.

3. Car shade and Driveway

You never know, you might need to use your car at night in times of an emergency and thus solar lighting the car shade will make it easier to access the car and move it outside.

Further, a well-lit shade will be more secure as any intruders will shy away from the areas that are well laminate.

Which battery is appropriate for the solar powered lighting system?

Battery power solar storage will be a significant aspect of your off-grid solar lighting and power.

Simply defined, the deep cycle gel in the battery will store all the energy produced by the solar panel and releases whenever required by the appliances and electric devices in your cabin.

Pro Tip: Your battery storage should be at least four times the solar panel’s daily load to ensure maximum efficiency in the solar power and lighting system.

Definitely, your solar lighting will require a reliable battery to store power that you will use at night or during chilly days when there is no sunlight.

However, note that the lithium-ion batteries are more reliable in solar lighting compared to the alkaline batteries.

Aim to use the LED lighting as it will use less power. Through experience with solar lighting, I have learned that some solar lighting system will give you poor lighting in addition to shorter battery life. Therefore, I recommend the Litom Solar Lights on Amazon and is also waterproof and has a Motion Sensor.

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You can mount the solar lighting kit on your cabin or on a tree to ensure you receive the maximum light as required to illuminate your paths and off-grid property.

Here’s how to install the Litom Solar Lights

What’s good about Motion sensor solar lights? – Litom Solar Lights

Luckily, the Motion sensor Outdoor Solar Lighting System will help you save on battery power as they will only light when they detect motion near your cabin or their installation point in the off-grid property.

Therefore, it is great to have both motion and light sensors near your cabin. The motion sensing capability will enable the solar lighting system to save on power at night since the light sensor ensures that the motion sensor will turn them only at night.

The solar motion light comes with many LED lights, about 24, that enable it to shine very bright acting as both sources of light at night and security component.

The Litom Outdoor Solar Lighting System that I use have has a 3LEDs setup on the 2 sides of the solar lights and is able to produce wider luminosity.

Notably, some motion sensor solar lights allow the user to set the sensor sensitivity and thus will not pick up all the small motions that happen near it.

The Litom Solar motion light should be installed at a 5.6FT to 6.6 FT and are easy to install with only one screw hole. Check the Litom Motion sensor solar lights available on Amazon.

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