How to Build A DIY Outdoor Shower Enclosure Off-Grid

DIY Outdoor Shower Enclosure

DIY Outdoor Shower Enclosure are an excellent way to wash up and cool off in your Off-Grid property and summertime, which could compliment your swimming pool.

An outdoor shower will help you avoid tracking dirt into the cabin after some time in the garden.

So, I challenged myself to build an outdoor shower enclosure.

Disclaimer: I am no expert carpenter: I provide what I learn through experience in my off grid property.

What was my motivation?

However, I have always achieved my goals through ambition and hand on experience as opposed to using extensive pre-planning. Therefore, with some manual tools and a few powered tools, I set out to work early in the morning.

Initially, I wanted to tackle all the masonry, carpentry and plumbing in the project alone but I figured I need a hand so I invited a cousin to help me out.

However, I had a budget of roughly $500, and I needed to save on the most I could form contact woodworking professionals for advice.

In this article, I will outline how you can also build an outdoor shower enclosure in your Off-Grid property.

Further, you can install a solar water heater to your shower enclosure.

Tools you’ll need

  • Hacksaw and Drill bit set
  • Safety glasses and Work gloves
  • Hammer, Hammer drill and Outdoor shower head
  • Tape measure and Circular saw

How to build an DIY outdoor shower enclosure Off-Grid – Outdoor, showers, kits

Step 1: Planning

I have a project management background. So, I must tell you that planning and scheduling is a key aspect of success project completion. Therefore, to build an excellent outdoor shower, you must plan, and plan well.

Initial consideration to make:

To achieve the best shower design you should consider if you’ll need just a shower head popping from the way or an all enclosed shower cubicle.

For example, you’ll need to determine the size, type and location of your outdoor shower. Also, you’ll need to determine the type of flooring you will install in your shower enclosure.

Further, you must determine if you’ll need a dressing area inside the outdoor show. This will mainly be affected by the amount of convenience you require and number of people who are in your cabin.

Also, if you have some small kids, maybe you should allow enough space for you to manoeuvre while cleaning him or her in the outdoor shower.


I am sure privacy is factor while considering an outdoor shower. You sure do not want to entertain prying eyes while you are bathing!

Therefore, it is important that we build a shower enclosure that is private but still allows adequate air and light. Therefore, we will leave some space and install a short interior wall to block the enclosure stall from preying eyes.

Also, the outdoor shower should be strong enough to avoid crumbling down carelessly in case of an accident.

Step 2: Prepare the site and materials

First, we’ll need to prepare the site where we’ll construct the shower. Notably, you can install a concrete block or gravel flooring.

The site should be near the cabin and should have proper path. Clear a space or about 10 * 10 feet to allow ease of construction on the site.

However, if you will have a concrete or wooden floor, then you’ll need to level the ground. You sure you will always want to be upright, without straining, while bathing.

However, you will need to use a spirit level since your naked eyes can deceive you on the levelness of the ground.

First, use your eyes to assess the area that is not level. You should use a shovel to scoop some soil to make the ground level. Finally, lay your level on the ground, or use a flat board to get your ground to be fairly level.

Concrete Flooring

If you will install a concrete floor, you’ll require to build this concrete block 2 days before you start constructing the shower enclosure. We’ll build a shower measuring an average 4 by 4 feet.

Excavate the shower enclosure site up to a depth of about 8″. Also, use 1″ x 4″ boards in the excavated area to prevent the wet concrete from running off.

Next, pour the gravel to a 4″ depth and tamp down to the surface level. Next, pour the pre-mixed concrete into your shower form. Also, use a trowel to smooth the concrete floor to your required smoothness.

In our case, we built a concrete flooring for the outdoor shower. We had a major challenging and incurred a huge labour cost while mixing the concrete materials.

I am sure you might think that the concrete mixed cost is too high, but be sure that it will save you time and stress, in addition to being usable in any other project on site – or you can still hire it out.

I recently purchased a mixer as I was constructing a pig house, and I am planning to use it over and over – and I have also hired it out to a neighbour ounce. My concrete mixer is like the one on Amazon that has a 1/2 HP Motor and 1725 RPM.

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Step 3: Construct the Cubicle support structure

First, you’ll need to install metal post bases on the concrete block using expansion anchors, which will be the foundation to support the corner posts.

So, to set the metal post bases, drill (using tools like the hammer drill and Drill bit set available on amazon) the concrete floor at half an inch apart for the posts.

The hammer drill will make your work much easier. Blow out the dust from the drilled holes. Drive the bolts into the drilled holes using a hammer. Replace your nut and washer to the bolts.

Now, install the 5 posts which will be the corner supports for the shower enclosure. Now, you’ll use the expansion anchors on the concrete to the metal post bases. The shower faucet will be hanging on the shower enclose wall.

A drill

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A drill bit set

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Step 4: Prepare and install five 4 by 4 Posts and the 2-by-4s

Now, it time to install the 4 by 4 Posts to gold up your shower enclosure. But first, you’ll need to cut the posts to your required height, ensure the top receive straight level cuts. Install the 5 posts on the concrete base using the steel base.

Also, cut the top of the posts using a hand saw like this one on Amazon to get regular cut lines for proper enclosure standing. For best level tops, use a pencil and a bar level while measuring and cutting the post tops.

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Next, you can now install the 2-by-4s on the flat side. Also, drill the top of the posts and apply glue and next secure the 2-by-4s through mitered joints.

Step 5: Fix the Metal Brackets

Next we need to install side bars by first installing the Metal Brackets for your 2-by-4 crossbars.

However, use a bar level to make sure that there is a uniform elevation and install the metal brackets.

Next, use a mallet to sit the 2-by-4s to sit on the metal bracket. Also, use screws to fasten the 2-by-4s to the posts.

Step 6: Side Walls – Leaving spacing

Next we need to install the side wall 1-by-6 boards, but first from the outside, leaving some uniform spacing where we will hammer the inside boards.

The staggering will help of the inside and outside wood boards will help hide the view from outside. Next use screws to fasten the boards.

Step 7: Assemble door frame and Door

Cut the 2-by-4s to create half-lap joints to allow installation of the door frame. Next, assemble the door frame fastening the half-lap joints using screws.

Also, install crossbars and 1-by-6 boards so that the door looks like the other sides of the shower.

Finally, install the door hinges on one door edge, hang the door on the side post, fasten it and finally install the door stop on the other side so that the enclosure door opens to the outside.

Step 8: Hoist your water barrel

You have two options to get pressurized water to the outdoor shower: pumping and installation water barrel.

Wrap Up

Finally, install a towel rod inside the shower enclosure and create a cabinet to allow for entertainment devices.

Enjoy your outdoor shower!

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