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When I went off grid, I purchased a Champion 75537i 3100 watts (on Amazon) with a remote start and, save for minimal repair work, I can’t complain.

So, why did I choose Champion 75537i?

Champion 75537i is for off grid or RV people as it runs cost-effectively, has top efficiency (running about eight hours at roughly 25 percent load), has wireless remote and is slightly silent (58 dBA).


Initially, in my RV life, I was using a Honda EU2000i (that I purchased on Amazon), which I replaced with the Champion 75537i as it is more powerful for off-grid.

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Forget the fake blogs all over the internet, I provide real-life experience with my Champion 75537i inverter generator. Further, I will not hold back any positives or negatives about the generator for RV owners, off-grid people, campers and tailgaters.

 Experience with this Inverter Generator 
First up this is an inverter generator. That means it’s relatively quiet and it generates clean sine wave power that’s safe for your sensitive electronics. There is a five-hour break-in period for this unit champion. Champion recommends that you fill the generator with oil – it takes about 19 ounces. 

You fill it up with fresh gasoline. Next, you connect the battery and that’s probably the trickiest part of the whole setup you. Champion says that you can go about 100 hours on this generator and between oil changes. 

Run the unit for 5 hours at a variable load of less than 50% loads. I tested the generator with my wife’s jet engine of a hair dryer that actually demands about 2,000 watts of power at its max setting. So I could easily fluctuate the load on the generator by turning on off the heat of the hairdryer and so forth after five hours.

Well, Honda EU2000i is also good enough but I wanted additional power and have a Wireless Remote Start: and thus the Champion 75537i RV Generator on Amazon was my best choice.

Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Portable Generator with Inverter
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So, my initial assessment in comparing Champion 75537i RV Generator vs. Honda 2000 is that despite the Champion 75537i being a bit loud, it offers more power (which I required), it is portable (also has wheels) and the remote start was perfect for my mood less times.

So, without a doubt, when I landed on my off grid property my first thought was how to upgrade my generator – and I am glad I made the ultimate choice to purchase the 75537i Champion RV Generator.

Disclaimer: This is not a one of the generic useless reviews like many available online. I recommend this Champion 75537i RV Generator after using it for over 6 months on my cabin.

So, why go for the Champion 75537i Review Generator?

Champion 75537i will offer you a consistent and reliable 3100 watts, with about 8 hours run time. Further, the generator is ultra-quiet (58 dBA) and use both Gasoline can be modified to run on Propane, with a wireless remote start that works at about 80 feet away.

Therefore, you can easily run your computer, cell phone signal booster, satellite dish, refrigerator, and up to 13,500 BTU RV with the Champion 75537i RV.

Despite being a little noisy and pricey, the Champion 75537i has become my perfect fit for cabin and RV living.

Generator considerations for off grid and Cabin

1. Small and lightweight

Well, this is not negotiable: your generator must be compact and lightweight as you might need to move it around sometimes.

So this being dry weigh around 96 – 98 pounds (something like that). But when you add gasoline and oil I think it gets up to around 108 pounds. it’s equipped with a wheel kit and these wheels are never flat wheels. So you don’t have to worry about re-inflating a flat tire on your generator.

You got a fold up handle – so you can use it with a wheel kit to roll the generator. Also, on the top of the generator, you’ve got two nice grab handles so two people can easily lift the generator and carry it.

For example, a generator that will come with wheels can improve its ease of movement as you’ll only require to pull it to the desired location.

Also, by design, most small generators will be more fuel efficient compared to the larger and heavy-duty generators.

2. Quiet Running

One characteristic of many off grid property is the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, you do not want to ruin your peace, and those of other cabin occupants, with a noisy power generator.

Therefore, it is important to consider the amount of noise that you generator will emit while in operation.

Further, if you will be using the generator for camping, the noise emission is limited to below 60 decibels for 50 ft. Such a consideration has seen many people opt for the portable inverter generator.

3. Possible Run time

A good generator should offer an 8-hours run time so that when it is full of fuel and thus can last you the full night with its 1.59 gallon fuel tank full.

Simply stated, you should aim to purchase a generator that will not force you to wake up at night to fill up gasoline.

Inverter generators are known to be better at fuel consumption can increase their efficiency by varying the throttle speed.

Why Choose the Inverter Generator?

The question is, why have the inverter generator become so popular? And what do the invert?

Inverter generators will produce AC power, as opposed to the DC power produced by the regular generators. The first difference is that inverter generators are small in size and lighter.

Therefore, the key difference between your standard generator and the inverter generators is that the later produce power that is directly usable in your household devices.

Notably, the inverter generator can power down if no load is needed and hence producing less noise and saves fuel.

Also, the inverter generators run more efficiently (considering fuel consumption), produce less noise and its Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is low and thus will excellently power the sensitive appliances in your cabin.

It has a battery on/off switch. Simply push the switch – to have the battery turned on if you want to use the electric start. There is an economy mode so you can hear that it’s bottled down the quieter it will be conserving fuel.

What can Champion 75537i RV Generator Power?

The Champion 75537i power outlets are as follows:

  1. A 120V 30A RV outlet
  2. A 12V DC outlet having dual USB adapter
  3. Two 120V 20A household outlets

As noted above, I need a portable inverter generator that could power my off grid cabin and the travel trailers too. Therefore, I aimed to purchase a generator that could power most of my appliances in both facilities.

This inverter generator will tart will a power output of 3100 watts and continue running at 2100 watts.

The most power consuming appliance in my RV is the 13,500 AC unit, which the 75537i RV. The top power output for Champion 75537i is about 3100 watts, which is adequate to start up the 13,500 BTU RV AC.

However, that was just one of the tests. My main goal was to power the of grid property. Therefore, I went ahead to test the generator with the cabin appliances: computer, lighting, a toaster, a microwave and refrigerator.

Most generates will produce 120Volts at 60 Hz with slightly above 30 Ampere on the single outlet or 23 Ampere that is shared by the20 ampere outlets (2 in number).

However, to see the appliances your Champion 75537i can power, you should look at the table. Notably, some household devices will require extra power to start and thus the generators offers “surge” watts.

Note that you power tools will consume a lot of power and thus you should run just one of them at a time.

What about temperature range of operation?

Your Champion 75537i is built to operate at very high and low temperatures.

Champion 75537i will function effectively at between -15°F-105°C, but will still work at some temperature beyond this range.

The portable inverter generator will sustain a harmonic distortion or below 1.3%, up to 2800 watts constant load.

Such characteristic is only available in high-grade home standby generators and the industrial inverter generators. However, obviously, the industrial grade generators will cost up to 3 times the price of Champion 75537i.

Therefore, rest assured that Champion 75537i RV comes with superior quality parts to guarantee top power supply.

Champion 75537i will produce a cleaner current with less voltage spikes and almost full sine wave output. The output will guarantee better performance and longer lifespan for all your devices in the cabin and RV.

Will you be running a 240V appliance?

I must say that having a 240V appliance in the cabin is uncommon.

However, if by any chance you have such a device like a well pump (requiring 240V power), you should go for the Pulsar PG7500 7500W.

Let me emphasize that Champion 75537i RV if you only be running the normal cabin appliances and devices, apart from the large electric oven or large AC system.

Pulsar PG7500 7500W will run a full-size cabin – with 15,000 BTU AC unit, in addition to devices such as Television set, refrigerator, PC, lighting, and router – all at the same time.

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Size and Portability

We sure all need a generator that we can move easily around. This generator measures just 24.4 in by 14.3 in 18.3 in as its LWH and thus will be easy to move. Further, the generator has increased portability as it comes with wheels.

Noise levels

You know the meaning of ultra-quiet?

Well, Champion 75537i runs so quickly that it is considered one in its category, particularly for its level of output. It has a 58 dBA noise output at 23 feet.

However, the noise level could increase slightly as the generator moves near the maximum load. Note that despite being a quiet generator, Champion 75537i RV is considered noisier than its equivalent Honda and Yamaha brands.

Evidently, too get more silent and equally superior power generation you must purchase an inverter generator, which is more expensive.

However, always direct the exhaust of the generator away from the cabin or RV to achieve less noise where people are relaxing.

Champion 75537i Fuel consumption and overall performance

The generator has an excellent fuel efficiency and will run on unleaded gasoline. It has an overhead valve design, 171 cc and four stroke engine.

Notably, with its 6 Litres or 1.6 gallon fuel tank being full, the generator can run for 8 hours at 25 percent maximum load.

Pro Generator Storage Tips: Champion 75537i Review

Just like other generators in the same class, the Champion 75537i RV will run on fuel with least 85 percent octane and no over 10 percent ethanol.

Since the gasoline/ethanol mixtures may separate with time with the water moving to the carburettor, it is important to have an ideal fuel stabilizer if the generator is not in use for a long period of time.

Further, you should start the generators for about 20 minutes after some weeks when it is under long time of inactivity if it has fuel inside.

Further, it is not recommended to tip over the fuel tank while draining the fuel, use a siphon instead.

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