How to Live Off the Grid with No Money

Before I moved to my cabin, my main headache was how I would live off grid with no money, particularly since I had leave my full-time job and allowances. Definitely, I still need to provide for my family and hit my life goals at a relatively good rate. Over the last 5 years, I’ve invented sustainable … Read more

Top 6 Best Flea Bombs and Foggers (**2019 Review**)

I needed some input for a friend on the best flea bombs. Her grandpa passed on and his house has been vacant for a while. Her aunt, in all her infinite wisdom, took in a feral mama cat and 7 kittens and had them in the house. My friend and I re-homed all the cats … Read more

How to Build a Stone Fire Pit in the Backyard

Ok, I have posted here before about wanting to build a stone fire-pit in the back yard. I should be able to start within the next 30 days and I’m planning now, I should have the rotted wood deck finished being torn out tomorrow afternoon. My 2 questions are this…. 1. I want a 10 … Read more

How to Fix a Cracked Basement Wall from The Inside

Here’s a long post (questions) from one of my blog readers. I will outline and write my response (Answer) below it. Let’s get going.   ContentsReader’s QuestionsMy ResponsesHere’s my friend’s experience Reader’s Questions So we have this house we are fixing up. Downstairs in the basement, we have some block work repairs we’ll be doing. The pictures … Read more