Does anybody use mosquito foggers?

How well do they work? Recommendations?

I live in a neighborhood with a 1/4 acre lot and a privacy fence. Not sure how much that matters. I live in Florida where there are documented cases of dengue, West Nile, chikungunya, zika, and, although not as recently, malaria. There is a very broad range of mosquito-borne illness that will vary depending on where you live. Many of them are spreading outside of their traditional ranges at an alarming rate.

I understand chemicals can seem scary and, when not used properly, have their own set of hazards. But when used sensibly they can be a great tool in combating a major public health risk.

I do acknowledge that they are not always the best tool to use, (refer to my recommendation below this thread) but they do serve their purpose as well.

Do mosquito foggers work?

These do work for killing adults, for best results concentrate on fogging in such a way that the under side of the leaves on bushes and other foliage is fully exposed. That’s where the mosquitos hang out when they aren’t flying.

That being said adulticide is not the best method for getting rid of mosquitos as the new generation will show up in a day or two and it’ll be like you never sprayed at all. Most breeds of mosquitos will not travel more than 100 yards from where they hatched. Because of this, your best bet is to get rid of any source of stagnant water within 100 yards of your house. They only need about a bottle cap full of water to lay eggs, so pay attention to even small sources. If you have something that’s not feasible to empty/cover (e.g. a pond) treat it with a mosquito IGR (insect growth regulator) which prevents the larvae from maturing and is completely safe for other bugs and wildlife.

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