Top 6 Best Flea Bombs and Foggers (**2019 Review**)

I needed some input for a friend on the best flea bombs. Her grandpa passed on and his house has been vacant for a while. Her aunt, in all her infinite wisdom, took in a feral mama cat and 7 kittens and had them in the house. My friend and I re-homed all the cats in September but there is the absolute most god awful flea infestation I have ever seen in my life. We pulled up all the carpeting, gotten rid of all the furniture, et cetera.

We have set off flea bombs, she has had an exterminator there to treat the house twice already and the house is STILL infested. Short of blowing up the house … does anyone have any suggestions at all? We need to finish painting and get the floors sanded and stained so she can move in but we can’t even stay in the house longer than 20 mins without being eaten alive.

Rundown: Top 6 Best Flea Bombs and Foggers (**2019 Review**) 

1.  S C JOHNSON WAX 41654 Raid Flea Fogger – Our Best Flea Bomb

2. Precor Plus Fogger – The Runner’s Flea Bomb

3. Adams Plus Flea and Tick Indoor Fogger


4. FMC Residual Fogger


5. Durvet Multi-Pest Indoor Fogger


6. Raid Flea Killer Plus Fogger


Treatment Frequency

You need to treat with the best flea bombs every 2 weeks, for 6-8 weeks, to kill all 3 lifecycles of the fleas. You can do a two part treatment once a week for about a month to kill the fleas but also kill fleas that hatch from eggs. Yard and house treatment once a week for a month. The eggs are likely hatching into more fleas because the insecticide isn’t killing them prior to hatching.

I had a similar situation when a family (Tom, Queen and 3 kittens) if Feral Cats that took up residence in my storage building. They were coming in my yard and outdoor kennels looking for water and stray kibble. They brought the fleas in the yard and the dogs brought them in the house. You have to treat inside and out and cover the multiple stages of flea development.

After catching them with Human traps and giving them to a nip/tip Feral cat group for relocation. I dusted the entire house with Borax Powder. This will dehydrate the adults, larve and eggs (so they don’t hatch). Brush it into the corners and cracks. Leave for a week answer vacumn up. Repeat if necessary.

Cut the grass short. Spray the yard and everything in it as well as 6-8 foot beyond the yard. I found Bayer Complete works well. Then dust with Diatomaceous earth. It slices the exoskeleton of the insect and they die.

Cymexa dust

I love cymexa dust and the best flea bombs. Safe for humans and pets. If the house is empty, sprinkle the dust everywhere. Even take the covers off outlets and sprinkle it in the walls. I mean everywhere. Make it snow. Come back in a month, sweep up and call it done. It kills bed bugs so you know that stuff works.

We had bed bugs! The cymexa totally took care of the problem. Completely. We also have cats, dogs, and kids. We now use the cymexa annually as prevention. We sprinkle it next to baseboards, drawers, under sofa cushions, etc. Once the problem is resolved, a tiny bit is all that’s needed for prevention. But make it snow initially.

There are no appliances. We ripped out every inch of carpet (even the kitchen and bath had carpet, ick). Tossed the fridge and stove. Tossed almost all the furniture aside from a few dressers that we put out in the shed. There is literally nothing in this house.

We mainly need to work downstairs so we could essentially leave the bedroom doors upstairs shut while we work on the first floor. I have never seen an infestation like this in my life and both she and I have worked with animals for 25 years! It’s unreal! Her aunt had a good heart to take these cats in but omg the chaos it has created!

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