A Simple Guide to homesteading your home That Will Change Your Life

A Fenced Homestead

What is homesteading your home?

homesteading your home means living sufficiently where you grow your food and keep animals for food. Many homesteaders lead the lifestyle of our great grandparents with land used to lead. In most cases, many homesteaders either leave off-grid or have some amenities like the electricity and sewerage system in which cases they are known as semi off-grid.

Many modern-day homesteaders lead a very comfortable life with the internet, cars, and computers. However, they lead a more fulfilling life compared to their counterparts in the city. I.e. they grow their own organic food which means they avoid junk and enjoy nature better.

What is living off-grid living?


Off-grid lifestyle involves one living in a house that is not connected to the standard grid. That means you don’t enjoy electricity, sewer line, water, waste management system, gas, internet and telecommunication. The government usually offers the services, and individual homeowners have to pay for the services.

Living off-grid does not mean living like cave dwellers as many believe. You can still live a very fulfilling and happy life, just like in the city. However, you will not have the same hustles like traffic or paying for all the sewer service. Most of the wastes in a homestead are recycled anyway.

Going Homesteading semi off-grid

Did you know that the number of homesteaders homesteading their homes has been on the rise all over the world? Statistics show that more and more people are adopting homesteading thanks to the steady increase in the cost of living, among other reasons. You want to raise your family in a serene environment devoid of pollution and closer to mother earth. Homesteading is the reason you should go for it.

Which states legally allow you to homestead your home?

Most states allow you to own a homestead, especially if it’s on the grid. However, states like Idaho, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oregon, and Missouri offer the best choice for homesteading. You need a minimum of 5 acres to practice homesteading without any stress comfortably.

History of homesteading 

According to history.com, President Abraham Lincoln signed the homestead act of 1862 to the law allowing any American including women and even freed slaves to own 160-acre plots. The bill was supposed to give everyone a chance to better their lives in a fairly. The act remained in place for 124 years before it was repelled in 1976.

Among the states that homesteaders favored then include Montana, North Dakota, Colorado, and Nebraska. The main aim was to allow every state of the USA can have an equal opportunity of benefiting from their conditions.

 However, the homesteading act resulted in the Native American I such lands being taken to reservations to make way for homesteaders who intend to homestead their home.


Why do people start homestead thier home?

I used to feel like quitting my day job daily (Before I did) thanks to its endless monotonous duties. However, I wasn’t ready to explore life away from the city of off-grid. Many people have so many reasons for going off-grid. Read some of the motivations that pushed me to live off-grid.

  1. Reduce the costs of living

A townhouse comes with so many expenses, most of which you can avoid if you were living in a homestead. Instead of having your house wastes taken connected to the national grid, you can recycle the kitchen wastes in compost for use in your garden. As a result, you will not only save money but will enrich your soil by adding organic manure to it. A homestead is self-sustaining as you use the crops you grow to make healthy organic food for you and your family.

  1. So they can travel

Homesteading allows you to live a minimalist lifestyle as you can save money on food as you grow most of your essential food. You can also sell excess food products to your neighbors and food stores. As a result, you will save and have enough money, some of which you can use to travel the world. Since most homesteaders live in their homes, they keep on many costs of housing like mortgages and renting apartments.

  1. Be self-reliant while spending less

Homesteading allows you to be self-sufficient. You grow your food, have animals which means that you make your dairy products. You also enjoy the luxury of not buying industrial manure as you can use animal wastes as fertilizer for your garden. Therefore, with a traditional homestead, you will comfortably live your life without any money.

  1. To take care of nature


Homesteading is very crucial in regulating the amount of oxygen many people in the world enjoy. It’s your duty as a homesteader to plant trees to enhance the aesthetic value of your garden. You will not only keep the environment clean but also help the earth heal. Trees and forests play a crucial part in the ecosystem. Homesteading brings you closer to the earth, and it’s your duty to help conserve it. In doing so, you will assist in ensuring enough rainfall throughout the year and reduce desertification.

  1. To be happy and do things they love 

Being a homesteader gives you ample time to do something you like photography, farming, and other green activities. Being employed won’t allow you to practice the above as you don’t have the time to do so comfortably. However, as a homesteader, you will comfortably juggle all those activities and even raise money from them compared to living in the cities.

  1. Homestead exemptions

As a homesteader, it’s always easy for you to secure tax exemptions from the government. Some of the benefits you may enjoy as a homesteader include:

  • Exemption from forced sale in case you fail to pay your creditors.
  • You surviving spouse will be given shelter if worst come worst
  • You are exempted from home taxation if you own a homestead
  • Allows a homeowner to vote against the tax increase

With such exemptions, you will comfortably lead a fulfilling, happy life. As a result, many people who wish to live a minimalist lifestyle that is not fast-paced prefer to work in their homesteads where they have complete control of their lives.

  1. Security

A homestead is more secure to live in compared to the city. Although you are alienated from the rest of the community due to distance, its easier to fortify your homestead keeping it from burglary. You can have several layers of security that will allow you to be prepared for an adversary. In the case of pandemics like viral flues, you are less likely to be infected with the infectious disease. Since it’s only you and your family, it’s easier to handle a lockdown as you are self-sufficient. You also have enough food supplies, which explains why most preppers live off-grid in their homesteads.

  1. Pride

Having a homestead is a source of pride to many homesteaders who will enjoy showing off to visitors their current homesteading projects. The pride gives you purpose and drive to care about nature without sacrificing the mother earth through pollution. Bonafide homesteaders take pride in being able to bring up their families with survival skills needed especially in times of diseases and pandemics. Nothing makes parents proud than knowing that their children can take care of their selves by being self-reliant.

  1. Less stress

Living in your homestead gives you a stress-free lifestyle as you can comfortably live without any money. Many money related problems, like not having enough money to take care of your family needs, is associated with many stress cases. Since you grow your food and don’t pay rent, it’s easier for you to live on limited financial resources compared to a city setting. Therefore, many homesteaders and survivalists lead a happier life deprived of stress as they are self-sufficient.

  1. Better physical health


Many homesteaders will tell you that living off-grid is the best thing that happened to them. As a homesteader living off-grid, you do most of the physical work like gardening, tree planting, feeding your animals and even chopping wood. What you don’t know is the activities are very physical and maybe sufficient physical exercise. That is why many homesteaders have ripped muscles all though they don’t frequent the gym. Having good physic gives you confidence and a sense of good feeling as well as lowering your stress levels. You also find it easy to attract members of the opposite sex due to your excellent body physic, increasing your happiness levels.

  1. Increased self-confidence

Since homesteading involves a lot of physical activities, you will find yourself with a good body physic. Being ripped gives you confidence and people will like to be associated with you. It’s also more comfortable for you to pick up girls if you are one of those who want that. This is only possible with increased confidence levels. You will also be happier and friendlier with improved confidence levels.

  1. Family bonding

Homesteading allows you to work closely with your family. You can undertake father-son projects to bond like fishing, tending to animals or just taking a stroll in the homestead. Although you can bond with your family in a city setting, doing it in a home is more refreshing as you are closer to nature, making it more memorable.

What do you need to begin homesteading?

Life can be very cruel especially when you are required to pay all the bills, mortgages, transport and upkeep. Did you know you can escape all those problems by choosing a life away from the city? You can comfortably live a modest lifestyle off-grid by starting a homestead. You may have heard of the many challenges homesteaders go through in their daily lives. Believe may you won’t be far of choosing this lifestyle. Read on to find out why you should consider homesteading.

To start a homestead, you require several things. They include:

  1. Acquire Land

You need to acquire land where you will erect your shelter. Many survivalists and preppers choose different types of accommodations, depending on their capital. Some may settle for low costs housing like tiny houses and cabins while others will take the high-end earth-domes and earth ships. Either way, you are right as they all serve the same purpose of protecting you, your family and supplies from adverse conditions, especially during times of pandemics and diseases.

You can also decide to be financed by a financial institution in which case you will need to build credit.

  1. Have a shelter plan

Shelters come in different plans but mostly depend on the structure you will choose.

After the above then you move on to the

  1. Procuring materials

You need to purchase the above tools so you can start constructing your shelter. You also need to obtain labor depending on the money you have. Many people build cabins without money by gathering scrap and recycling them. Others may buy the straight building form the manufacture while better yet others may make it from scratch. Whatever works for you may not work for everyone else.

  1. Start the construction of your cabin/ shelter

You have the choice of building your homestead from scratch, or you can buy an already constructed cabins and assemble them yourself. Either way, you will enjoy watching the journey contributing to or waiting on the periphery.

  1. Start a garden 

Starting a garden is a no-brainer for any homesteader. Although it can be frustrating to start one, especially with limited implements and seeds, it’s always a source of food and joy once the project is complete.

  1. Secure your homestead

Your property has risen in value after constructing your cabin and starting a garden. While previously, it wouldn’t attract any attention. You will start getting noticed by everyone including thieves and burglars. While not everybody is a thief, don’t allow them to steal from you by not securing your property. You can use expensive and not so costly methods to keep your homestead secure. You can also read our complete guide to How to make your farm a security fortress.

Top benefits of starting a garden


Nothing hurts than knowing you can escape the pain of paying your daily food bills comfortably by starting your garden. Although it may be capital intensive at the start, the good thing is that you will rip maximum benefits from it in days to come. A garden comes with so many benefits that even those in the cities are slowly adopting backyard gardens and kitchen garden due to the therapeutic experience they give you as a gardener.

Below are some of the benefits you should seriously consider to start your garden. They include:

  1. Source of nutrients


Your garden should be your best source of almost free vitamins from organic vegetables and, fruits, nuts and even carbohydrates. In short, if you are a vegan prepper, having a garden in your homestead, should your idea of heaven. You can accomplish all your healthy living desires while spending little or no money without trying. While a proper diet will most likely help in your new look, you need to start living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Loose junk foods
  • Drink more water
  • Sleep more hours
  • Improve yourself
  • Live a happy life

You will be surprised at how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle that can transform your whole body and increase your confidence in ten folds. The training and healthy lifestyle will make you shed unwanted weight fast. Also, your body transformation will give you more confidence as you grow your endurance through endurance training. Mind trainers like Jim Kwik say that a result of gaining your confidence back, you will find yourself being better in the following;

  • Focus and concentration
  • Retention of what you read
  • Stop procrastination
  • Better at job
  • Better relations with others
  • Being happy

2.Aesthetic values

Have you ever visited a garden in the morning when the flowers were blooming? It’s heavenly, and you should try it. That should be your motivation when you are thinking about your future garden. The good thing is that getting a garden will offer an opportunity for meditation. You will also read self-important books or even preparing a seedbed for the next season. The better the garden’s aesthetic value, the more relaxation it offers. In turn, it gives you a fulfilling environment for maximum relation, especially when meditating.

  1. Source of income from the sale or barter of the produce

A garden can make you a tidy profit if you do it professionally. You could produce enough vegetables and sell the extra to your neighborhood. You could also start a nursery for seedling which you can sell your neighborhood. All this would go down doing what you like as you enjoy a life of the struggles of the city. As a prepper and a survivalist, you feel the need to take care of mother earth.

  1. Connects you to mother earth

Working in a garden brings you closer to mother earth, you get to feel the soil and smell it in its natural perspective as it’s supposed to be. You also get to plant things and take care of them till harvest time which can even make your years of patience few can master. Being closer to earth and taking care of it gives any homesteader pride of the fact that they are playing their part to keep it safe.

  1. Ideal for bees keeping

You need honey as you can use it on most meals. Honey is also a useful component for making beer at home. Such importance makes beekeeping a very lucrative business. Many who have ventured into the market, mainly DIY, survivalist and prepper homesteaders find beekeeping an easy way t lead a healthy lifestyle while making money from it too.

  1. Recommended by the green movement

Many homesteaders are ardent supporters of keeping earth safe actions. They always hold demonstrations in support of ways meant to keep the earth safe from environmental pollution. As a result, most homesteaders feel it’s their duty to be the first in line to take care of the environment by keeping it safe.

  1. Contributes to clean air required for healing the earth

Most homesteaders have fresh gardens and even have a portion of their land that is specific for tree planting. Such demarcations help a lot in keeping the ecosystem alive through trees. Since trees use carbon produced by living things to synthesis their food and give out oxygen, the process recycles the carbon dioxide to oxygen healing the earth in the process.

16 Fun activities you can practice when homesteading your home

Many people choose to homestead as you dot have to worry about having money. In most cases, the economic activities you practice provides a source of food and also income from the sale of the produce. Below are some of the activities that you can have to be comfortable in your homestead

  1. Tree planting

Trees regulate the oxygen produced on earth. Therefore, any person who really cares about the world should contribute to its wellbeing and healing by planting trees. Many forests in Australia, South America’s Amazon and most forests in Africa have been victims of destructions. Fires and logging are some of the major factors contributing to the depletion of trees. As a result, many flora and fauna are at the verge of extinction especially from their natural habitats.

  1. Gardening

Gardening allows you to live a healthy lifestyle without spending a lot of money. Most gardeners especially those who own homesteads recycle their household wastes as compost manure. As a result, you can grow organic food without industrial fertilizers. Such practice not only allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle but also makes your land fertile without killing the soil microorganism. In so doing you not only conserve the environment but also reduce wastage of resources.

  1. Tending your fouls

Any gardener will tell you that there is nothing as satisfying as feeding and taking care of your chicken. If you own a backyard chicken farming project. You realize that you save a lot of money you could be using to buying chicken products like eggs and their meet. You also have a lot of chicken manure you can use on your vegetable garden. The practice allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Feeding your animals

goats and chicken

You can keep animals like pigs, rabbits, sheep, goats and even cows if you have a 5-acre homestead. 

The animals are a source of meat, milk, hides and manure. As a homesteader, you will use the manure you get from the animals to mix with the garden soil. As a result, you will have enough fodder to feed your animals. Organic manure is recommended compared to industrial manure as it does not affect the soil composition. It’s richer in nutrients, especially if you mix manures from different animals like chicken, rabbits, sheep, and cows.

  1. Fishing with your son

If you enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, you need to buy land near a water source like a river or a lake. As a result, you will not only have the luxury of teaching your son how to fish but you will also enjoy the serene nature experience you get when you go fishing. Fishing leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated. It also offers bonding moments you and your son need to create lasting father-son memories. All you need is buy fishing gears for the both of you. To make it more fun, you can invite a couple of your friends and their sons to make it merrier.

  1. Taking a walk in the woods

If you are one of those people who love nature, there is nothing as refreshing as taking a stroll in the woods. You enjoy fresh air, watch birds and can even take amazing nature photos with your phone. It also offers you time to reflect and plan your future as you have no distractions. Tree climbing will give you amazing body exercise, especially if you are a prepper who don’t have enough gym materials at your house.

  1. Meditating


According to healthline.com meditation is very crucial for the wellbeing of an individual. For starters, it is believed to reduce levels of anxiety, stress and age-related memory loss. You will also have better focus, self-awareness and improved wellbeing. Therefore, meditation will not only leave you in a better emotional and physical state of mind but will also give you focus needed in attaining your purpose and goals.

  1. Chopping firewood to homestead your home

Chopping firewood may seem like a punishment to many but not to a homesteader. It’s a form of physical exercise to many, which keeps your body in shape. Also, having nice tools like heavy axes will make the exercise fun and refreshing, even when cutting hardwood. All you need is use a chainsaw to cut logs into small chunks of wood. From there, you can split them using your axe. Firewood is crucial to homesteaders and preppers as you need enough firewood to last you the whole winter. Splitting your wood saves you money and offers physical exercise for you.

  1. Hunting

Since many homesteads are located near woods and forests, its very common for most homesteaders and preppers to go hunting. Hunting gave offers you alternative source of meat. You may hunt guinea fouls, dears, dick dicks, antelopes and wild pigs. Although you need hunting permits in many states, its especially a good sport for many homesteaders. All you need is acquire archery gear like bows and arrows. You could also buy a hunting rifle to spice up things.

  1. Learning new skills like programming

Living in a homestead is fun especially if you are one of those people who like staying outdoors. You can work from outside with your laptop to break boredom that comes from working inside a house. You will enjoy learning new skills like programming and data analyst. You can also horn your photography skills while hanging out in your homestead.

  1. Preparing your land for planting season

As they say, make hay while the sun shines. This is especially very applicable to homesteader who need the discipline of preparing their land before the rainy season. Land preparation varies depending on the size of land you are working on. For small homesteaders, you don’t need a tractor to prepare your garden. You need to acquire land tillers that don’t use power. You could use a tractor to prepare your garden if it’s large.

  1. Learn a new language

Learning a foreign language like mandarin, Spanish, French or Portuguese is very important especially now that the world has become a global village. A foreign language will come in handy for homesteaders who like taking vacations abroad. Its also very important for those who like reading about different cultures of the world. It brings you closer to nature and learns to respect people’s culture, political affiliations and even creed.

  1. Exercise

The secret to a refreshingly long life of happiness is taking care of your body. According to healthguide.org, exercises and physical activities are very crucial for your physical and physiological wellbeing. It not only helps you build endurance but it has been known to help in reducing stress, anxiety and even depression. You will also sleep better and feel stronger when you develop a training routine.

  1. Read self-improvement books and novels


If you want to know how to do business, interact with people and lead a happy purposeful life, reading a book is crucial. Books contain ancient evergreen knowledge vital for self-improvement as a person. Experts say that reading books not only offers you knowledge to deal with different situations but also sharpen your mind and enrich your vocabulary. Its not a wonder that many successful people in the world, like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Benzos read very many books annually.

  1. You can travel the world, go on vacation or go on a safari to East Africa.

A homesteader deserves some time for themselves too. You can work hard on your farm all year round and use the money saved to take that long well-deserved vacation. You should use it as a reward for all the hard work you have put in thought the year. You may decide to take a local vacation for the weekend or travel the world. In such a case you can go on a safari to East Africa and see the wild beast migration. You can also sample the sandy beaches of Watamu and Malindi on the Kenyan coast. You could visit Spain’s Barcelona or go see the ancient churches in Paris.

  1. Experiment with different culinary menus

Leaving in a homestead presents you with an opportunity to experiment with different menus. Whether it’s about dieting or just feeling like cooking, cooking a meal that you love can be refreshing. It’s also easy to prepare exotic meals most of the food is fresh form your garden.

As you have realized, the homesteading journey is all about changing you for the better; sometimes, you have to lose something to gain more. Look at it this way; if you lost the fast-paced life you had in the city, you will replace it with a minimalistic lifestyle and be closer to nature. Some times our pride comes from the satisfaction we get when we sacrifice somethings in life.

What characters do you need to succeed as a homesteader?

If you thought being a homesteader is easy, you are in for a rude shock. Many faint-hearted survivalists have tried homesteading only to fail halfway through. If you are seriously considering becoming a homesteader, you need to research and find out the challenges you face as a homesteader.

As a homesteader, you go through psychological challenges that shape you to be the person that you want to be. However, you need the following characters to sustain your homesteading motivation.

They include:

  1. Resilient
  2. Hardworking
  3. Disciplined
  4. Innovative
  5. Have basic skills in mechanics, plumbing and electrician
  6. Be always prepared by having enough food, medicine and water in case an epidemic strikes. This is very crucial in case of a virus outbreak.

Benefits of starting a homestead in times of pandemics

homestead your home
homestead your home

How would you lose a loved one to a pandemic feel? You need to take action and acquire a cabin shelter as a survivalist. Since cabins are mostly located deep in the woods and mostly off the grid, you will most likely live in peace with your family. And most like you will be saved by the following benefits:

  1. You make social distancing easy

In times of pandemics, people are usually advised to keep their distance from one another. The reason for this is to curb the spread of communicable diseases. Combating most pandemics require a lockdown, it can be frustrating for many people in cities and urban areas.

However, the same cannot be said about people practising safe distancing in a homestead. Although they get subjected to similar conditions for them, the situation is better. They have a large space which means that they can enjoy spending time with the loved ones on a safe distance without fear of spreading any viral disease.

  1. You have enough food and can survive without money for a long time

Most preppers and survivalists happen to homesteaders. They usually have enough food, medicine, firewood and other supplies tucked somewhere to last those months especially I winters. As a result, they have secret knowledge that other people may lack for storing food safely for a long time. As a homesteader, you learn skills along the way that make it easy for you to have enough food, meaning you don’t even need money to survive.

  1. You have access to clean air

The world is rapidly changing, thanks to the change in technology. As the world change, so does the pollution levels which are more rampant I the cities due to the transport and manufacturing sectors. However, those left in the remote areas as homesteaders stand a better chance in case of a respiratory disease break out. They may be mildly affected thanks to the availability of clean air compared to the polluted air in urban areas.


  1. Easy to manage in case of a lockdown

Lockdowns mostly affect those people who have to use a means of transport from one area to another. As a homesteader, you don’t need any reason to live your homestead. However, for people in urban areas, they have to work to earn a living to pay their bills. As a result, in case of a lockdown, the people most affected are those in towns who have to go out to earn a living.

  1. You can easily maintain personal hygiene since you are in isolation

If you have so many people in a small area, maintaining personal hygiene in the face of pandemics can be pretty hard, especially in the urban areas. However, those who live in their homesteads have the advantage of being able to at least self-isolate with minimal risks. For starters, many homesteads are never closely located, meaning the only time you can contract an infectious disease is when you have a visitor. As a result, it’s easier to put measures to ensure every visitors is appropriately checked before being allowed into the homestead by sanitizing and also keeping a safe distance during communication.

  1. You don’t need expensive sanitizers since you can wash hand quickly and conveniently

Things you can do in your cabin during a pandemic lockdown

When pandemics occur, may countries take precautions like lockdowns to keep their city safe? While a cabin is relatively safer as you have enough social distancing, you can use this time to better yourself and equip yourself with the necessary skills for dealing with life after the pandemic. Below are the things you could do today to help you in future

16 Must-Have Tools for Any Hobbyists and Survivalist Practicing Homesteading  thier homes

As a prepper you need tools that are easy to assemble and necessary for a prepper and survivalist. You will be alone and far from your neighbor. It’s crucial you have tools for your day to day activities. They include:

  1. A chainsaw

You will require a chainsaw for logging. You will also use it to split the logs to sizeable pieces for use in other construction areas like the door and window frames.

  1. A table saw

You will require a table saw for all your future woodworking project, making it a vital cog in your homesteading engine. A table saw is crucial when it comes to cutting wood across the grain and along the grain.

  1. A circular saw

A circular saw is indispensable when it comes to assembling your tools arsenal. Its light ad easy to carry, giving you comfort when moving it from one place to another as you carry out your construction.

  1. A drill and a driver

You will be required to bore holes in your wood or metal when working on your various woodworking projects in your home. Therefore, having a drill and driver will come in handy, although you can choose one which can do both the drilling and the driving.

  1. tape measure

All woodworking projects require a tape measure to get the right measurements for your projects. As a prepper, you need a tape measure as it will come in handy in most of your future projects.

  1. Protective gear

A worksite is full of sharp objects like nails, glasses, and drill bits. You need appropriate gear when working with power tools for safety. That is why you need overalls, sunglasses, ear protection, gloves and protective boots.

  1. A wheelbarrow

You will need a wheelbarrow for carrying various construction materials like sad ad ballast. You will also need it later, especially when carrying manure and compost materials to your garden. Therefore this is one of the must-have equipment in your homestead.

  1. A hammer

Although you may buy have a drill/driver, many survivalists will agree with me that a hammer is a crucial addition to any homesteader. You don’t need any power to use it, and its versatility of use is unrivalled, especially for survivalists who have little or no money when starting a homestead.

  1. Hand saws

If you don’t have any source of power like solar or batteries, you need a handheld saw. Its not only comfortable but will get things done so long as its blade is sharp. Therefore, you need to keep it clean and properly oiled to ensure it remains in top condition.

  1. Sanders

A sander is very crucial to any homesteader. You can use it to remove the rough surface on many surfaces like wood and wooden floors to prepare them for furnishing. You can replace some sanders head to use it as a drill which makes the versatility of the tool a no-brainer to have in your homestead.

  1. Nails

You need nails of different sizes as you will use them when joining pieces of wood for your cabin. You can also supplement screws using nails. They are very important especially during furniture construction and when joining wood and pillars of your cabin.

  1. Hinges

You require hinges to attach to the doors and windows. Whether you choose to use sliding doors or windows, you will require them at some point when creating other structures like the fouls pen.

  1. Shovel

You will need a shovel a lot, especially when it comes to building a foundation for your cabin and when cleaning your animal’s pens. Shovels come in handy for variety of tasks in a homestead.

  1. Sawhorses

You will require a sawhorse in many woodworking projects as they will act as the second hand. Therefore, this is a crucial acquisition for any DIY or survivalist as they will save you a lot when you don’t have an extra hand.

  1. Level

A level allows you to keep all angles at 90 degrees. The device is especially important for many hobbyists and DIYs survivalists and preppers who may have limited knowledge of building things. You can use a level to construct anything ranging from simple furniture to a log cabin.

  1. Rake

You will need a rake every day to clear large pieces of the dart on your compound. You will also use the bad boy to clean the cowshed, spread manure or pull weeds on one place for compost manure making.

Step by step guide to building a cabin for homesteading your home

  1. You need to assemble all your construction tools.

You also need to have all the building materials on site. Cut all wood into the required size using a table saw and cut smaller pieces using the circular saw

  1. Dig the cabin foundation

If the land is in the woods, you need to clear the vegetation and level the ground. From there, dig a foundation for the shelter. You can decide on a wooden floor. Dig holes where you will erect the building pillars and space them well for the stability of the can. You can use a string to demarcate where each pole should be planting a piece of wood to mark where the pillar holes will be dug.

  1. After the pillars have been put into place.

 You are now ready to cut the wood to the correct size for use in your cabin. You need strong materials for this one as a strong security foundation as it will be harder to burglarize a cabin with thick wood. Use the saws to cut wood to different sizes and use the sander to smoothen some of the wood surfaces for door and window frames.

  1. Connect pillars

Use the drills to connect the pillars to wood supports where the wood logs will be drilled in to form the walls. Ensure you have enough drill bits for the walls in question.

  1. Do the roofing

After you have finished with the walls, it’s time to do the roofing. Depending on whichever roofing materials you may decide on. Make sure it’s strong enough to keep burglars away and protect your cabin from adverse weather. Most people may start with the roof and end with the walls, but I prefer doing the roof after the walls.

  1. Work on Door and window frames

Next is working on the door frames and the doors. Depending on your budget, you may buy doors readymade or also make them yourself. Doors and windows are the first location burglars concentrate on as entry points. Fortify them as much as you can to prevent future burglars attack. As a prepper and survivalist, you should already know that anyway.

  1. Work on the interior

After fixing the door and the windows, your shelter is complete, and you can move in. However, to make it more habitable, you need to do interior décor to design your kitchen, living area, your bedroom and other rooms. You also need to decorate it with your favourite decorations.

  1. Furnishing your cabin

 You need to furnish your cabin to make it comfortable and appealing. Depending on the budget you have, you can equip your kitchen with modern electronics like a fridge, microwave, dishwashers and washers. You can also get a TV set and music system for your new home. Internet is a prerequisite nowadays for people who don’t want to be disconnected from the rest of the world. Getting yourself a high-speed internet connection will allow you to continue with your work while still enjoying nature as a homesteader.

  1. You need to upgrade the security of your cabin when homesteading your home

homestead your home
homestead your home

There are several ways you can homestead your home, depending on your budget. However, since you don’t have much in your compound, for now, having strong doors and windows minimizes cases of burglary and theft in many cabins. We have explained in detail on the various ways you can keep your cabin secure.

After you have finished working on your shelter, it’s time for you to start on your feeding project.



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