Where to buy cheap 275 gallon water tank?

275 gallon water tankYou’ll agree with me when I say that getting a reliable water supply to your cabin is a real challenge. Enter the 275-gallon water tank!

This is particularly due to the fact that you are in a remote area that is off the grid and hence you cannot easily connect to the municipal water system.

This challenge would be solved by digging a well or pumping water from a nearby river. However, if you have none of the above alternatives, I will outline how you can cheaply purchase a cheap water tank or water totes.

I must state that I have found the 275-gallon water tanks to be adequate for water storage in my cabin.

Water tanks are excellent for rain catchment and water storage in your off grid property so that by summer time, and all the time, you have enough water for use around the cabin.

Well, Craigslist is probably the best place you can get the 275-gallon water tanks cheaply. Imagine this, on Craigslist you can get a 275-gallon water tank for about $40.

However, if you go to elsewhere, for a ZA 275 Gallon IBC Tote – Metal Cage and Wood Pallet on  Amazon or Tractor supply would be about ten times that cost, even if it comes with a Metal Cage and a wood pallet.

Therefore, considering the favorable price (almost a tenth on other sites), I recommended craigslist as a best for you to cheaply purchase the 275-gallon water tanks for Your off Grid Homestead. 

Who do the tanks on craigslist come from?

Recently, I received an email: where do you get your tanks, is there a place I can affordably get 275 gallons tanks?

Yes, I have got all my water tanks through craigslist, except the ultra large one – 1,300 gallon – that I got through a retailer.

The tanks on craigslist come from factories or industries that bring foods such as sugars or honey for producing various confections.

The companies bring the foods and empty the tanks and bring the totes out for anyone to buy for their persona use. Luckily, the companies lack an appropriate way to dispose the totes and thus dump them to the re-users at low cost or for free.

Therefore, first you have the opportunity to the factories near you and enquire if they have the totes to dispose, either for a fee or for free.

Alternatively, go online on Craigslist and then search for “IBC tote”, “IBC water container” “water tote”, or “water tank”.

For example, I did a search for San Francisco bay area on craigslist for a water tote and here are the results, but you can search for the area near you on craigslist.

If you get the tanks from the tanks from the factory, you might get some food substances such as honey or cane syrup remains in the tank – as a bonus.

Any cleaning or painting?

I painted the tanks (black) I got off craigslist to slow down the growth of algae that could evidently happen inside the tank.

Also, the black colour would assist in retaining heat that comes from direct sunlight – since water is an excellent thermal mass. 

Further, the heat that comes into the tank would help prevent the water from freezing if the weather becomes very cold – for swamp or lake water, use portable water purifier at upurifywater  for clean water 

The water totes mainly originally contained food grade materials – which is a must for any water tank that you purchase.

It should have been pressure washed, have a large top opening and have butterfly valve spout at one of the front faces. So ensure they have no oils, no glue, no fertilizers, and no chemicals.

Caution about craigslist:

Be careful of cons on craigslist and you should thus only meet the tank seller in a public place.

However, most water totes will be available through companies that buy directly from the manufacturing firms – which will be much safer.

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